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What Is Coffee News?

Coffee News is a weekly publication distributed free to restaurants, coffee shops and other waiting areas.
This single-page publication provides readers with a quick, entertaining read while waiting for food or service. The lighthearted, family-friendly content in Coffee News consists of unusual stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, horoscopes and more! It appeals to people of all ages...
Coffee News® creates amazing awareness of businesses in their chosen areas, providing frequent, consistent, repetitive advertising at inexpensive rates.

How Often is Coffee News Published?

A fresh publication is distributed EVERY WEEK – 52 weeks of the year – creating awareness of your brand through rapid repetition.
Only 32 ad spaces, and NO COMPETITION for any advertiser!


Coffee News was launched in South Africa in July 2003 with the first issue being distributed in Pretoria the following month by the Head Licensee. Several more Editions started in 2004 and Coffee News was on a growth path. Soon after, however, an economic downturn severely affected business in South Africa and some Coffee News Publishers chose not to continue.

There are currently 16 SA licenses sold, with more pending.
(See "Publishers" for details)

Suitable Areas:

Coffee News is designed to support local businesses within a 10 – 12 km radius.
Areas that form "natural communities" – where people live, work, send children to school, visit a doctor, dentist, and do most of their shopping, would form a natural community. Suburbs often form their own.
Also to consider for a new Coffee News area:
 - Does it contain the right kind of businesses (think of the kind of services a home owner would need), and
 - Does it contain plenty of potential distribution outlets, eg, coffee shops, restaurants, hospitals, doctors’ waiting rooms, take-aways - in fact, anywhere people have to wait!

Many prime areas are still available all over South Africa.