The responsibilities of each Publisher are to:

  • 1. Set up distribution outlets – cafes, restaurants, takeaways, waiting areas, etc.
  • 2. Sell the promotional spaces in Coffee News to local businesses ("Advertisers") – usually for a minimum 4-month term and longer.
  • 3. Compile adverts and insert them in the paper each week (May be arranged through head office)
  • 4. Arrange printing of each Issue. (May be arranged through head office)
  • 5. Distribute the Issue to established outlets each week.
  • 6. Pay weekly Licence Fees to Head Office for the Brand, the exclusive area and the editorial content.


In order for a Publisher to have the best chance of success in running a Coffee News franchise, the following skills and characteristics are required:

  • 1. Sales experience - essential.
  • 2. People and networking skills. An open, outgoing personality is a definite advantage.
  • 3. Time – Coffee News cannot be run part-time for supplemental income alongside a full-time career. It needs to be owner-operated to the fullest extent possible, or by someone responsible to the owner, who also possesses the skills mentioned here.
  • 4. Teachability – all Licensees are required to attend a three-day training course offered by Coffee News SA. Further opportunities to attend sales and marketing training, as well as conferences, are available.
  • 5. A positive "can-do" attitude.
  • 6. Computer literacy – must be able to work in Word and Excel or equivalent.
  • 7. Communication skills – both spoken and written.
  • 8. Language – business level English is required

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Running a Coffee News business is challenging, but also rewarding and fun. Support from and camaraderie among Licensees worldwide, and particularly in South Africa, is tremendous. Should you consider yourself a suitable candidate for a Coffee News franchise, please complete an application form HERE, to help us ascertain if Coffee News is the right business for you.

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