In 1988 Jean Daum of Winnipeg, Canada, designed both the extremely simple Coffee News business concept and the unique publication that the business hinges on.
As an advertising psychologist, Jean was able to design a publication that is ideal for small-to-medium businesses to promote their products and services, and which has not yet been equalled. Jean passed away in 2008 and the President of Coffee News Worldwide is now Bill Buckley in Maine, USA.
Coffee News is an entertaining, fun-filled publication containing amazing facts, interesting trivia, comical stories, horoscopes and a special "What’s Happening" column announcing local events.
Coffee News provides a service to restaurants, coffee shops, and many areas where people have to wait, eg hospital waiting rooms.
All editorial content for Coffee News is researched, written and copyright-protected by writers in Canada before it is dispersed to head offices and licensees.
Since Coffee News became available outside Canada, it has spread around the globe. It is currently published in 8 countries and has over 600 franchises in operation. It is read by millions of people every week. The successful Coffee News formula is well-proven and the brand name is getting stronger by the day. Entrepreneur magazine voted Coffee News the #1 Low Cost Franchise 2019.