What Is Coffee News?

Coffee News is a weekly publication distributed free to restaurants, coffee shops and other waiting areas.
This single-page publication provides readers with a quick, entertaining read while waiting for food or service. The lighthearted, family-friendly content in Coffee News consists of unusual stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, horoscopes and more! It appeals to people of all ages...
Coffee News® creates amazing awareness of businesses in their chosen areas, providing frequent, consistent, repetitive advertising at inexpensive rates.

How Often is Coffee News Published?

A fresh publication is distributed EVERY WEEK – 52 weeks of the year – creating awareness of your brand through rapid repetition.
Only 32 ad spaces, and NO COMPETITION for any advertiser!


Coffee News is an exciting, affordable, work-from-home franchise opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. In South Africa since 2003, we are on a growth path in terms of expanding into new areas, and beyond into other African countries.

Coffee News offers effective, frequent, consistent advertising to local business, and almost unlimited growth/expansion opportunities to franchisees who have the time, experience and vision to create a profitable business for themselves.

Each defined distribution area is known as an "edition" – where an edition of Coffee News with its own advertisers is found. Franchisees may own as many editions as may viably and successfully be managed.